Thursday, November 10, 2005


I'm so excited to be going to Dallas. Elliott - baby - save me a dance or something. You too, Tease.

I'm taking the bus. I'm actually excited to be taking a freakin' bus. For starters, I can't drive very well. This has a long, boring personal history behind it, so I won't bore you. Secondly, I love bus stations. The more child hookers the better. Just kidding. I just like the comings and goings. My favorite word in the whole English language is 'departure' announced over an intercom.

Perhaps I'm not as much of a country girl as I thought.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to the uninterruped moments of solitude. I plan on sleeping and playing Zuma on my cell phone on the way up. And speaking of which, I have to remind Jethro to get an extra motel room. He's sharing one with three guys right now, and I'll screw him in front of them if I have to, but I'd prefer a little romance. Or at least a shower curtain or something.

And speaking of Jethro, pray for him tomorrow and Saturday which is when he'll be taking those boards. They start at 8:45am and go until 7:00pm both days. I know. The horror. And on top of that, he's sick with a sore throat and a fever. So keep him in your prayers. We can't do much if he doesn't pass.