Friday, November 04, 2005


Please notice how you will only be reading about this on blogs. I know it should probably go on Payasita, but I'm putting it here instead. Perhaps it seems more personal because one of the girls looks like my daughter.
If you ever have any doubts about who and what we are fighting, don't. There is no second-guessing motives here. This was not done out of desperation or poverty. And this is what we can expect if islamo-facism wins. You can sit around and try to understand the "whys," but you won't get any answers. It's as if the David Koreshes and the Jim Joneses were suddenly financed and given license by governments to cut the heads off children in the name of Christianity.
I don't care about offending Muslims. Muslims should be worrying about offending me. Where is the outcry from the Muslim world. I want to hear their outrage that someone of their religion would do such a thing. But we have nothing. Silence. Perhaps whiny equivocations from those leftists who are too stupid to realize that they are staring at their fate.
Does this represent the tactics of all Muslims? No. And I know it, so spare me the "not all Muslims are like that." But Muslims say nothing. And they will pay the price for letting the screaming imbeciles have their way.
Thanks to Blonde Sagacity for the link.