Monday, November 21, 2005

Irritating Moment in Real Estate

Have I ever made clear just how much I detest real estate agents? If I haven't, let me be perfectly blunt. I hate them. They're mostly useless individuals and out of the hoardes, only a tiny percentage have any idea what they are doing. Perhaps 1 in 300 have any clue about anything at all and they are not the ones who have their idiotic faces on billboards. I have never seen a realtor yet who has a catchy slogan.

Much of an average moron realtor's time is taken up with the most useless exercises in futility. For instance, I get a call the second I walk into the office from a lady who wants us to sell her niece's property. Not a problem. I work for a realtor and we sell houses. I asked her all kinds of information about the property which she happily gave to me. Then the money question: Is it listed with another realtor?

There was a pause and she said, "It's listed with me!"

What the fuck?

It took me a second to realize that this was not a prospective client, but an agent who was simply cold-calling other realtors to tell them about a property she had listed. And what a pointless waste of time. If we have a client and they're looking in that area, and the house is not too beat or priced too high, we will show it and it will sell. But to call up agents to tell them about your property that hasn't sold since March - as if that is going to help - is beyond stupid.

Some people need to find religion or take up a craft instead of filling up their lives with pointless human contact.

That was 5 minutes of my life I could have spent pinching my nipples. I'll never get that back.