Monday, November 07, 2005

This has been the longest day of my life. Jethro is in Dallas and I am just trying to get through the week without him. I hate being alone. I hate it so much, I moved in with my in-laws for the week. Screw all of you for laughing. You try being robbed by two gun-weilding psycho-boys and then tell me you wouldn't put up with your in-laws for the security of knowing your children are safe. But I don't actually have to "put up" with my in-laws. I like them and they tolerate me reasonably well, so it's win-win, especially because they get to have a slumber party with their grandaughters every night.

But seriously, I don't know how military families do it. One night without my husband, and I'm antsy and miserable. I can't say enough heartfelt "thank you's" for the sacrifices they make. Bless you all.

So I had the kids fed, homeworked, bathed and in bed by 8:30pm. Then their grandparents came home and ruined it. "Who wants ice cream?!" Damn them. So I decided they would have to get the girls to bed and I would come back to my house to take out the trash and take a shower. First thing I did was grab the gun and keep it in the bathroom with the shower door open, just in case. After I was finished, I sat here naked and started blogging. Then I thought about horror movies and how the naked chick always, always dies. So I retrieved the weapon from the bathroom and I'm now sitting here blogging naked and holding a gun. A loaded gun. If I make it through the week without getting a tit blown off, I'll consider it a major victory for self-reliance.

So I hope we get to see everyone in Dallas. I'm just sitting here, naked, with a gun, counting the minutes.