Thursday, November 17, 2005

Trip To Dallas Part III: Conclusion

I suppose I might as well finish this, although nothing much happened. I mean, we had sex and stuff, but no one wants those details, right? We porned it up good, but no one is interested in that, right? I sucked that...nevermind. But it was like a rock star, okay? I practiced a few stripper moves in front of the mirror in the hotel. I have a nice ass. It's not often I have the time to look at it.

The only other thing that happened was that some moron pulled the fire alarm while I was in the shower and I had to run through the hotel like a drowning rat. Bastards.

It was a great trip though. Dallas is just like Houson except more conservative and less traffic.

I have nothing funny to write about. It's killing me. Everyone is sick with Jethro's plague and I'm looking at everything through phlegm colored glasses. Plus blogging about the mundane is dull after tattooed winos and real, live, wiggling coochies.

I think Jethro and I need to go to a tent revival with Trashman.